Child Denied Food At School

Nothing pisses me off more than a child being abused.

Parents are required to keep their children healthy by feeding them, but this 6th grader was required to go to class hungry. WHY? Because an adult decided the child was not good enough to eat breakfast at school he did not have 30 cents, which is the price of a ‘reduced’ breakfast.


He was told to call his mother, which he did. His mom was on her way to the school with the 30 cents, but instead the school employee decided to throw the childs food in the trash! WTF is wrong with that bitch? HOW DARE she make a child go hungry while at school!!

If a child goes to school and tells someone they are not being fed, CPS is called. So why does this school employee still have her job?? This issue needs to be addressed by the school board! This is as much child abuse as a parent not feeding their child!

I understand the school has a policy, but some children get a ‘reduced’ lunch for a reason… Low income. There are better ways to handle this situation other than throwing away the childs food and sending them to class hungry!  Had I seen that happen, I would have personally marched that employee down to the school office and let them know!

So basically, this school employee would rather waste food than let a hungry child eat. This ‘reduced lunch’ service is offered all over the U.S. I am sure this is not the first child to run low on money in their account, nor will it be the last. How this school employee reacted is unacceptable!

Ok, all done with my rant now 🙂

You can read the full story here:

Texas school tosses 6th grader’s breakfast in trash after he can’t pay 30 cents


Can I Buy You A Clue?

Famewhoring and egofagging have no place when seeking justice for a rape victim. EVER!

Deric, you are such a disgusting douchbag even Anonymous has turned their back on you.  How fucking dare you use a rape victim to promote your *cough* “career” *cough* and now you’re trying to insert yourself in the Maryville op??  Why??  Are you not getting enough attention??  Have you NOT learned your fucking lesson??  Apparently not.. Stupid is as stupid does..



KY hated

KY inbred

Get a fucking clue already.. Time for you to move on with your pathetic famewhoring and stop using Anonymous to try and gain more attention. Your involvement in any op is NOT needed OR wanted… obviously.

Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

Trying To Get Someone Fired For Their PERSONAL OPINION? Really?

I thought we had something in the United State of America called Freedom of Speech?  Not according to some people, even though they run around using that excuse all the time.  “Do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind.

Someone thought it would be funny to open a sock account and start attacking @Blaiss on twitter.  For those of you who don’t know Blaiss, she is an avid boycotter of Casey Anthony.  She has successfully thwarted that nasty lying bitch from making a TV deal numerous times, and for this I thanks her.

I learned about Blaiss a few months ago from some people I follow on twitter, liked what she was doing, so followed her.  I VERY MUCH support Blaiss in her boycotting of that murderous bitch.  ROCK ON, GIRL!! 😀

So anyway, this moron decided it would be fun to tweet Blaiss’ (and her boss’) work phone number and have people call and harass her.  Uumm…. @Blaiss is a child advocate for her local Sheriff’s department.  Does anyone else see the irony in this??


If it wasn’t such a serious offense, I would be laughing my ass off right now.





NOT ONCE has @Blaiss EVER used where she works to further her agenda, as they are suggesting.  She’s never even mentioned where she works.

IN ADDITION, Blaiss was robbed at gun point a few years ago and almost lost her life, and this dumb fuck thinks it’s funny?? (Whipple is the name of one of the robbers)





They were talking about @Blaiss’ husband in this one.  It’s obvious this is a disgusting, demented person.




Are you kidding me??

Why did they decide to pick on @Blaiss?  Because she is an honest person and put her real name out there so people know she’s legit in her boycotting efforts.  So, they chose an easy target.  Yea, you’re a real badass (rolls eyes).

This is the lengths these people go to just to make someone stop expressing their opinion.  The maturity overfloweth…

Btw, if you’re going to sock up and troll, at least make sure you at least know how to spell, dumb ass.

Thomas Olsen And His Gun Pic

Is this a death threat? I would be interested to know what LE thinks…

gun threat

Does Thomas actually own this gun? If so, does he own it legally? Is it someone else’s? Wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone else’s… Typical dramafag move to post pics of someone else’s shit.

Btw, Thomas… that email address you tweeted leads back to some very interesting profiles 🙂

Levi And His Childish Bullshit

Seems troll boy Levi Page has the hots for Murt. The more he is ignored, the harder he tries to get Murt’s attention.

Little boy needs to cut grandmas apron strings, get out of her basement and get a damn job already. What 26 year old still lives in grandmas basement? A loser. He has failed at everything in his life, including living on his own.

Anyway, WTF is this shit he RT-d??


Thomas Olsen (aka Pops) is also a well documented liar and just an overall piece of shit who has no life. Birds of a feather, right?

Out of all the stupid things Levi has said, this one has to be the most ridiculous.


Don’t fret Radio, we don’t believe anything he says anyway.

Oh, btw Levi… I’ve not seen you as a ‘guest’ on any tv or radio shows for quite a while now. That’s really too bad 🙂


I noticed Michelle McKee posted a self portrait the other day. To my surprise she actually did something with herself (go Michelle)


This photo is a far cry from what she looked like here:

Freshly combed hair, thinly plucked eyebrows, lipstick, the look she’s giving…… Wait… were have I seen this photo before??


Is Michelle trying to look like Goddard?  Is this why Prinnie has been distancing herself from Michelle?  Talk about creepy!

Are they related somehow? They look an awful lot alike. 

Maybe Michelle kisses Prinnie’s ass because Prinnie has info on her?  Who knows, but the ‘relationship’ between those 2 is definitely odd and one sided; anyone can see that.

One thing is for certain; Michelle and Alex are 2 peas in a desperately-seeking-attention pod. No amount of makeup or hair spray will cover up how evil and selfish they are on the inside.


Prinnie Did WUT? Alexandria Goddard’s Premeditated Sexual Assault Confession

Steubenville : The Real Story

Hi. I’m back.

Months ago, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine convened a grand jury in Steubenville. At that point, i decided to sit back and let that develop and take a break from Steubenville blogging. I could not have predicted that September would roll around and there’d be no end in sight. But, here we are. And no end is in sight. So, I’ve decided to pick up blogging, anyway.

I also did a new Radio Stranahan show about Steubenville today: you can listen here.

A month ago, a major article came out in the New Yorker by Ariel Levy entitled Trail By Twitter. It was deeply researched-must be nice to have those New Yorker travel budgets-and got a lot of the story right. Not all of it, but a lot and certainly more than most. It also confirmed what I’d been reporting here on this blog for months; that the Steubenville narrative…

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Hhmm.. This Is Odd.

A small observation I wanted to point out right quick…

On July 3rd, just before Radio went MIA for 30 days, (raise your hand if you miss the peace and quiet) Radio sent out some typical babble tweets.

flat dont

I thought this one odd cuz Radio claims they are friends, but then she tells everyone to bash them? Weird.


This is the specific tweet that caught my attention:

Wendy attack

Who the hell is Wendy Austin?? I’ve noticed Radio also calls her ‘stormy’ or ‘stormy2919’.  That’s when I came across this…


Which, oddly enough, matched up with this tweet…


Am I the only one thinking WTF??  Did ‘someone’ forget which account they were tweeting from? Is ‘stormy’ nothing but a sock?  I always thought Levi acted a bit feminine (which there is nothing wrong with), but I certainly didn’t expect this…


In Case You’re Wondering What Crazy Fuck-Nut Michelle McKee Looks/Sounds Like….

For your viewing pleasure… or not… o.O

The end 🙂

The Trouble With #Steubenville



steubenville   Steubenville has been the focus of so much animosity on Twitter, the net in general and for some has continued to spill over into their real lives. As most of the world knows by now, a 16 year old girl was raped by two boys after a series of parties on August 11, 2012. The boys were found delinquent in March after a lengthy trial. But, of course, this is not the entire story.

   This case gained international outrage after a cell of Anonymous, a decentralized group of hackers and activists, took action against rumors that the case was being covered up by local law enforcement and the county prosecutor. Shortly after a lawsuit involving a blogger who wrote about her perception that the case was being “swept under the rug” and a boy who was somehow involved with the evening but not charged with any crime…

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